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Full-Service Video Solutions

We help event organizers create, distribute and monetize video. We are experts in professional video production, multi-channel live streaming, custom editing and social video campaigns.

Our mission is to help you integrate all things video by providing turnkey video solutions for anything from full-scale conference video production to live stream management for private corporate meetings.

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Post-Production & Editing

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Event Services & Studio

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Live Streaming

We have been professionally live streaming events, conferences and meetings since 2006. From concerts in San Francisco to galas in Paris, we have done it all. We use the latest technology and our expert onsite technicians or remote production engineers can live stream anything from large, multi-day events to private corporate meetings.

Extend your reach by live broadcasting to all your social channels and websites at the same time with multi-channel streaming. Or use 360° live streaming technology and allow your viewers to fully immerse themselves in your content. We offer same day posting, recording, unlimited bandwidth and many more additional features.

Social Media Video & Marketing

Using the power of social video, you can boost your event with more engagement and sponsorship opportunities. Let us do the work for you by using Boost to increase reach and create the Moments that you want your event to be remembered for. Afterwards, we provide an analytic report, detailing the success of your live stream.

Use multi-channel streaming to connect with your followers, expand your reach, and interact with viewers in real time. Go live on social media and broadcast to all your channels, your website and more at the same time. Additionally, with our Watch on Twitter feature, anyone with a Twitter account can watch and share your video – live or on demand.

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Video Production

Our cost-effective video production services eliminate the hassle of managing multiple vendors, saving time and reducing costs. We can handle projects of any size – from single camera videography for single speaker talks to directed, multi-camera videography for large events.’s expert videographers and directors will add dynamism to your event with multimedia integration, such as sponsor branding and incorporating presentation slides. We are also masters at creating high-definition broadcast quality line cuts and live video switching during your event.

Video Distribution

Our team will collaborate with you to help execute a video distribution strategy to increase your reach through various platforms and connect your content with online communities.

We offer sophisticated embeddable video players that allow you to easily embed your programs on your website and those of your sponsors and affiliates. We will collaborate with you before, during and after your event to help promote your event. We also offer lead generation, transcoding and free unlimited hosting, storage and bandwidth services.

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Video Monetization

Generate revenue from your video investment. We will work with you to develop a strategy for video monetization by selling sponsorships, offering pay-per-view, conducting lead generation and more.

You can use pay-per-view and Point-of-Purchase (POP) player to sell your videos on any of your web pages, and set the price and viewing terms. Add online video opportunities to your sponsorship benefits package which helps both your event and your sponsors.

Post-Production & Editing

We provide a full range of post-production and editing video services designed to add valuable context and meaning to video of your conference, event or meeting. We provide services from color correction to custom sizzle reel creation. video editors can also provide transcripts and language translation services for live and on-demand video of your event. We can add in-video branding to recognize sponsors live, incorporate DVR functionality, DVD-style chaptering, special effects and more.

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Event Services (non-video)

Full event production beyond videography. Our event services team can fulfill your non-video requirements from lighting to providing confidence monitors.

We can provide whatever you may need including custom staging, projection, comprehensive audio-visual offerings and image-magnification (iMag). Whatever the desired style, mood or message of your event, we’ll work with you and the venue to actively engage online viewers as participants in your event. Studios

Our full-service media studio in Emeryville, CA is equipped with all the resources you need to create and broadcast professional video content.

Turnkey packages available, as well as voice over sessions, live streaming and a la carte equipment.

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