Our expert production directors enrich video of your conference, event or meeting with multi-camera switching and the integration of multimedia including presentation slides, watermarked logos and branding, and sponsor messaging.

Live Video Switching

FORA.tv production directors add dynamism and depth to your conference, event or meeting with live video switching. We seamlessly integrate multiple camera angles, graphical effects, multimedia and sponsor branding.

Sponsor Branding

We’ll integrate graphic overlays into your live stream to help frame your live event for a global online audience in real-time and maximize your brand and sponsors’ visibility. Whether its branding your live event with watermarks at key moments, or integrating multimedia slates during intervals to “call out” sponsors, we’ll help you develop and incorporate creative approaches to your live stream that generate additional awareness and visibility with measurable benefit to your sponsors.

Presentation Slides

FORA.tv production directors add context and depth with presentation slide integration. We integrate charts, graphs and other multimedia files to enrich video of your conference, event or meeting.

HD Line Cuts

FORA.tv’s onsite technicians will record and create high-definition broadcast quality line cuts during the live stream of your conference, event or meeting. This footage can be posted within 24 hours for on-demand viewing, syndication and distribution.

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